In my opinion drawn from my experience

you cannot make any money promoting Photomax. (It is a division of NuSkin, one of the well known MLM companies). While it is a legitimate photo processing service, it is not on the cutting edge of internet photo services. Furthermore, because of the intense competition in that business and because they have nothing unique to offer, there is not enough money for any significant commissions. The team that recruited me promoted the service as a way to make enough residual income that I could “walk away in 36 months” and be rich.

After I signed up for $200 it was revealed to me that if I really wanted to succeed I had to be “coachable” and needed to invest $2,000 (it was payday loans no credit check from Ghloans.Com Inc.) to “fast track”. After I paid the money and asked them to coach me on how to get rich with Photomax it was explained that it really wasn’t realistic to expect commissions enrolling people in the service to do the job. The only way to get there was to sign up people like me as recruiters. Looking back, I see it was the classic bait and switch con, just an MLM version.

I was encouraged to buy leads at about $3 each from the lead system the blog the recruited me. I literally spent thousands of dollars buying and calling the “leads.” I built up a reasonable “downline,” none of whom produced one dollar of income for me or themselves. Looking back I suspect the principals of this team were (maybe still are) being enriched by sale of the leads.

Run, run away as fast as you can. I have tried about 10 MLM companies in the last 15 years, every time thinking I had finally found the “right one.” I was obviously under grand illusions, always thinking the MLM concept is just fine. Photomax was my last MLM stop, a very expensive one.

Run away like the wind. Play the lottery if you like living with dreams, you’ll have a slightly better chance of getting rich.