Hi Everyone

My sister in law is strongly involved in Isagenix. I know it’s a MN, so I know the odds are slim of making money but I don’t know anything else about their model. My wife joined under her sister but is not doing anything other than buying product on occasion. I did go through the cleanse and lost a few pounds but didn’t enjoy the process at all.

I did a Google search under “Isagenix” and “scam” and nothing came up on the business model end of it, but rather on the products the sell. Does anyone have more info on the business model? I would like to be armed with the right info should the topic come up again with my sister in law.

This same sister in law is now in another MN for travel. She tried to get us into it because we travel a lot and she said it could save us money. I told her I had zero desire to attend a meeting on it; but my wife now uses her sister’s web site to purchase airfare, car rental etc. I see we are getting charged $5 each time we transact anything through the web site. I don’t know the name of the MN, but if anyone knows, I’d like to find out more in the sense of whether we really would save on our travel if we had our own web site through MN without trying to bring anyone on under us; or is the savings far outweighted by the cost of getting involved.