First, you might want to learn to spell

I know this sounds rough, but with a post like this, I wonder if the person writing it knows what they’re saying and is well qualified or if it’s someone who thinks he’s found a chance to make money on people and doesn’t have any background.

I have a learning disability, yet I can take the time to write a clear post that doesn’t leave people wondering if I know what I’m saying. These days, also, most email programs and many browsers have spellcheck.

Next, as far as Ambit goes, do you really want to invest all your time and energy into building a business that could take away your income with a 30 day notice? You can hope they don’t take it away, but if they are investigated by the government or have any other reason to worry about legal (or other issues), do you think the guys at the top will cover their butts or keep this working for you?

As you point out, why have the clause if they don’t expect potentials where they could need to (or want to) use it?

Also, be aware. Many MLMs are “front loaded” to make sure you make money when first joining so you get excited, then after you get involved and keep going, you have to invest more and more until you find you’ve been losing money for months or years but kept going because at first it was profitable.

Another point, and as I said, I’ve had to deal with a number of estate issues lately, is that I wouldn’t get involved in any setup where I could not hand my ownership or interest in it over to my trust.
Straight inheritance is, at this point, a foolish way to pass on any wealth, especially anything worth over $2 million (or $1 million if you’ve used the tax credit while alive). Trusts create a level of protection for the person with the money, but especially for those who would inherit it.

Many MLMs have clauses or terms that make doing something like this difficult. There’s no reason to do that (make it difficult) unless there’s something not entirely reputable going on.