There are several things to look at when pondering this: First and foremost, are they mentioning “meetings”, or tapes/CDs or other “training materials” that cost extra money??? Many MLMs have “training systems” that follow them, and their main purpose is to earn more money from unsuspecting and trusting new recruits. As an example, Amway is actually a GREAT home-based company to deal with – but almost every IBO is connected to some sort of Motivational blog whose expenses far outweigh any profit one could ever make selling Amway products.

Look realistically at the products: are they either priced competitively; or are so unique that the average consumer can’t find them in retail stores?? Especially right now, given the downturn in the economy, it’s going to be hard to retail expensive juice or candles or toys or whatever, when the average folks can buy similar items at WalMart.

And what claims is the company making about your income?? Most home-based businesses, at best, will bring you some extra spending money. Often, you will be earning minimum-wage-per-hour; and that’s OK if you’re having fun, too. The moment the company starts making claims about wealth, or retirement, or luxury vacations/cars/homes….
be VERY afraid – the reason a few people are making LOTS of money is because a LOT of people are losing money!!

My favorite “Scam-MLM” website is ebay….LOL!! That where disgruntled ex-MLMers dump their inventory – and that’s where your competition will be. Check and see what prices the products are REALLY selling for – it’s usually eye-opening!