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I’m not the kind of person who

can make things sound good when they aren’t. Truthfully, the best thing that can happen to your son is for him to lose his income and see how little his upslime cares for him when he can’t pay for the promotional materials. (I use upslime here because he’ll see, when he is broke and can’t pay for the tools, just how much they really care for him.)

I worked in treatment facilities a while ago and one thing I could never get used to was the level of denial people can show. Even watching a girlfriend in QS, I still found it hard to get used to. People in these states they get in can simply not hear what they don’t want to and their brain just can’t put together facts they don’t want to believe.

It’s something that is just so incredible and amazing that it’s almost impossible to believe. You’d think all you have to do is tell them the truth and they’ll listen, but they’ve been conditioned so they simply can’t believe or accept it and to believe that anyone telling them what they don’t want to hear is a bad person.

If you find it hard to grasp, watch all the news stories you can see about the blog in Texas where the 400+ children were taken away from them. Note how the women talk. They gave an interview, but they sound odd and they truly believe that they live in a good situation and that it’s okay for men to have sex with 13 year olds and for those children to bear children.

My son is in Vegas this weekend as well

He has been involved with Quixtar for about 3 1/2 years now. He has walked away from college and spent god knows how much money on AMO’s (Amway Motivational Organizations ie Vegas), CD’s and ridiculously high priced “product”.
He is now living on his own, hand to mouth, but with the most expensive soap, toothpaste and energy drinks on the planet. And cases of them, because he has to have sales, and he is his main client. He spends all of his time (while not at his retail job) working on his business. He works at Shaper Image and they have filed bankruptcy, his store is closing, yet he spent the money to go to Vegas when he is not sure he will be able to pay his rent next month. And, oh yes, his cell phone provider has been calling a lot lately.

OK, now that I got all that out, if you truly care for this person you will try to go “gentle” with her and be very patient. You certainly do not have to agree with her, or be conned into any of the aspects of Quixtar, but if you are too harsh or negative, she will label you a “dream breaker” and could walk away from your friendship. And it may take her years to untangle herself from this web. She’ll a friend when she does, because she will not have any left.

Hal is correct when he said that she is being brainwashed. I have no doubt that my son is brainwashed. It’s heartbreaking and totally frustrating.