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New blogs memeber here, and hope someone can help?

My best friend joined the wonderful team of Quixtar almost a year ago. I didn’t know too much about the company, other than it’s not for me. I have attended several of her home meetings and after the last one I will never go again, due to the research I have been doing on this company. And the stink eye we get from her I’m assuming Upline person.
The attitude is if we were her true friends we would buy more, and buy our own business! Not for me.Stink eye or not!
My friend is really no longer the person she used to be as she is always got something planned, function, meeting or weekend event. (this weekend it’s vegas)
In the beginning we wanted to support her on her new adventure but, this is ridicilous. How do we get her to realize this is not for her?
She won’t make money? ect.
Is this something she is going to have to go through for herself and come out beaten, broke, and dissapointed? Is it like a drug that can only be healed through therapy? I want to help her realize these things but, don’t know how to go about it?
Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.