Monthly Archives: August 2016

Here’s a thought to add to the list of questions we use when talking to MLM drones

I don’t have the wording down and it’s one they won’t answer honestly to us, but it might get them thinking.

Start with asking them how many legs they have, then about how many they’ve had that quit on them. Basically create a baseline of how long it takes them to recruit one person and how long that person lasts.

Then focus on how long it takes for each of their legs to recruit someone and how long they last.

Then ask them, “If it took you 2 years to build up to 3 legs, then why do you think each person below you will do it any faster?”

It’s not a cure-all, but the idea is to get them to start thinking about how long it’s taken them to get a few legs under them, then to figure out how long it takes their legs to get legs and how quick their turnover is.
Along with that, when they point out how great a product it is and that it “sells itself,” ask, “If it’s so great, why aren’t I sold on it?”
And from there ask why, if it sells itself, their legs turn over so quickly and it’s so hard to get people to join. They’ve seen a large sampling of people that don’t care. Where are the people that do care and like it? If it sells itself, why is it that most people leave the program and that it’s so hard to recruit people?

As I said, these are not points they’d admit to, but the general thrust is something we can use along with other questions to try to get them to think it through and to get them to start thinking, in the back of their minds, that things may not be as they seem.