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Actually, it’s not

but then you have to prove the person opening the package is really getting the money or you have to prove fraud and that’s not easy.

Yes, you can give up to $12,000 to someone each year as a non-taxed gift, but do you want to give money to someone else when others may not give it to you?

I get confused on the finer points of some of this, but I think, technically, it’s a Ponzi scheme, which is a type of pyramid scheme. I’m not sure if there’s a delineation between the two.

I’d ask him about it, since he seems to think these magic money machines work pretty well, see if he’s tried it and made money.

Oh, wait. Yes, he has. He makes huge amounts of money. We know it’s true because after trying to sell overpriced domain names to us, he told us how well off he’s doing.